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Because it’s always a smart move to get the details first

Everything you need to know about licensing your packaging in a nutshell. And, of course, an answer to two fundamental questions: when exactly a company is obliged to take part in the licensing system and whether your business must actually license its packaging in line with the German Packaging Act [VerpackG].

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The fastest way to get an answer.
Our online tool: check if your packaging has to be licensed

If you’re unsure whether you have to license your packaging or not – no matter whether you’re a small or medium-sized trader – then you can find out here, quickly and simply. Either by using our online licence check tool or by contacting us directly. We would definitely recommend the latter if our check tool doesn’t provide a clear answer. We made a deliberate decision to keep this tool simple. Which means, of course, that it doesn’t cover all eventualities. But that’s what our customer service is here for. So don’t hold back – get in touch now!

If you have a question, simply call us on +49 221 964897-0 or send us an email.

Start the check tool now

Do you run a commercial business?

Yes No

Are you the first business to fill the packaging?

Yes No

Have you commissioned a third party with the initial packaging filling?

Yes No

Have you filled the packaging on behalf of a third party?

Yes No

Do you import filled packaging and do you place it onto the German market?

Yes No

Is it reusable packaging or deposit-return disposable packaging?

Yes No

Can your name, your brand or both be seen on the packaging?

Yes No

Is it a service packaging?

Yes No

Does the packaging typically accrue at the private end consumer?

Yes No

You don’t have to participate in a packaging licensing system

You have to participate in a packaging licensing system

License your packaging online now

This is how the licensing process works

If your question has been answered and you must participate in the Dual System, then you must take the following steps:

  • Set up an account on the LUCID portal run by the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR). You can do this here
  • License your packaging with us – using our practical EASY-LIZE licence fee calculator 
  • Enter your annual volumes of packaging and the volumes of packaging licensed with us on the LUCID portal

The big question for small traders:
Do I have to license my packaging or not?

The question as to whether a business’s packaging has to be licensed – i.e. it has to participate in a Dual System – primarily depends on whether the packaging might end up with final consumers and need to be collected and recycled. It makes no difference whatsoever how much packaging is placed onto the market. One thing is true for everyone: if you are an ‘initial distributor’ of packaging, then you must license all of your packaging right down to the very last gram even if you are only a small firm or small trader. The German Packaging Act [VerpackG] does not make any exceptions for small or very small volumes of packaging. Nor for types of packaging either. Chip trays from your local takeaway are considered to be service packaging and have to be licensed just like the boxes online shops use to ship their goods.

Further details about the packaging licensing scheme in Germany can be found here

From boxes for shipping office equipment to hygiene packaging for food – whatever ends up at final consumers has to be licensed

Please note: following the latest amendments made to the German Packaging Act in 2021, you also have to register your business at the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR) even if you’re not the initial distributor. To read all about the changes, go to EKO-PUNKT

Our quick packaging licence checker: an overview of your licensing obligations

It’s important that commercial businesses have all the licences and permits required to manufacture and sell their products. And the following question needs to be answered here: must you purchase a licence to place your packaging onto the market? You might not be sure of the answer here, especially if you’re using or distributing packaging for the first time or wish to expand your business. Our quick packaging licence checker is a fast and easy way for you to find out whether you need a licence and, if you do, under what conditions.

What are the benefits of using our quick packaging licence checker?

If you’re not sure whether you have to license your packaging or not, then our quick checker is a fast and easy way to get the answers you need. You benefit from a whole number of advantages as it helps you to:

  • Avoid risks: failing to license packaging or licensing incorrect volumes can have serious legal consequences; our quick checker helps you to avoid such risks and makes sure you’re on the right side of the law.

  • Save time: using our quick checker saves you time as it clarifies whether statutory requirements have been met or not in no time at all; this allows you to act quickly and avoid any unnecessary delays.

  • Grow efficiency: thanks to our quick checker, you can work more efficiently and focus on your core business; you can avoid having to do unnecessary time-consuming work by checking beforehand whether you must license your packaging or not.

  • Cut costs: by using our check tool in good time, you can avoid unexpected costs and delays; this saves you time and money; what’s more, not licensing your packaging in line with the law can lead to hefty fines; our quick checker helps you to avoid making mistakes and, as a result, to cut your costs.

  • Benefit from our expertise: our specialists have years of experience of the packaging licensing business and can give you specific recommendations about what action you should take.

So who should use our quick packaging licence checker?

Anyone who’s not sure whether they meet the statutory rules and regulations should use our quick check tool. A quick check can be particularly useful for companies that are dealing with the packaging licensing process for the first time or are looking to change their packaging.

Our quick checker is an easy-to-use tool and a quick and simple way for you to find out whether you need to have a licence for your packaging or not. The tool asks you a number of specific questions about your business and the packaging you use. It then uses your answers to give a clear assessment as to whether you need a licence or not.

Do you run a commercial business?
The first step of our quick checker is to find out if you actually operate a commercial business. You are considered to be a commercial trader if you offer goods or services for a fee. If this is the case, then you might have to have your packaging licensed.

Are you the first business to fill the packaging?
Furthermore, the tool needs to know if you are the business that first fills the packaging. Such businesses are called the ‘Erstbefüller’ in German. The ‘Erstbefüller’ is the person or company that fills the packaging with products for the first time. If you fall into this category, then you might have to purchase a licence.

Have you filled the packaging on behalf of a third party?
If you’ve filled the packaging on behalf of a third party, then you might not have to purchase a licence. This, though, depends on a number of factors, such as whether you sell the goods under your own brand name or not.

What type of packaging is being used?
Finally, the type of packaging is also relevant. Packaging is divided up into different categories, such as service packaging, transport packaging and sales packaging. The rules and regulations differ according to the type of packaging.

Use our quick packaging licence checker

Use our quick checker and avoid having to pay possible fines or having legal action taken against your business. If you discover that you need a licence, then you can benefit from having us at your side as we really are experts in this field. Simply get in touch with us so that we can work out together whether your packaging meets the latest statutory requirements.

We specialise in the packaging licensing scheme and help companies of all sizes to meet their packaging licensing obligations. We know the relevant laws and requirements and can help you to take the necessary steps to get your licence. So don’t wait any longer – make sure you’re on the right side of the law by starting the licensing process right now!


Have all your questions been answered? Then use EASY-LIZE now to license your packaging online

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