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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Why do just one thing for the environment, when you can do six?

We offer a number of other services besides the packaging licence process that makes packaging management circular and green.

Become even more sustainable now

Your participation in the Dual System.
The licence promoting environmental protection & climate action

Companies might find the packaging licensing scheme and the packaging ordinances to be a bit tiresome. At the end of the day, these mean more admin work and higher costs. But they are urgently needed to promote sustainability. Taking part in the Dual System ensures that packaging is sent for recycling and that valuable recyclable materials can be recovered and reused. Companies that license their packaging are not only ensuring they meet all the regulations set out in the German Packaging Act [VerpackG] but are also demonstrably helping to protect natural resources and curb climate change. This fact not only looks good in their sustainability reports but also gives them the assurance that they are acting responsibly as a business. And as far as the admin and costs are concerned: you’ve come to just the right place with EKO-PUNKT’s EASY-LIZE. We’ve designed the whole packaging licensing process so that it’s as convenient, easy and efficient for you as possible. At the current daily price.

Use EASY-LIZE now and license your packaging online

A special service available only at EASY-LIZE and EKO-PUNKT: we calculate (in CO2 savings) how you help mitigate climate change by licensing your packaging. Go to EKO-PUNKT’s carbon footprint calculator

Never-ending sustainability.
The EKO-PUNKT principle

EKO-PUNKT is a centre of excellence for packaging. It is our mission to ensure that packaging is always considered in a holistic and sustainable way. Licensing packaging with EASY-LIZE is just the beginning. We have built on this and created a comprehensive range of services along the whole of the packaging supply chain. Or perhaps a better way of saying it would be ‘around the whole of the packaging lifecycle’. As this is exactly what our principle is: to upgrade the chain and turn it into a circle. Read on to find out how we do this. You’ll also find some links to the relevant content on our EKO-PUNKT website

EASY-LIZE - Verpackungslizenz von EKO-PUNKT - Grafik nachhaltige Verpackungen Circular Contracting Recyklat

Circular contracting

We provide you with recycled materials equivalent to the volumes of your licensed packaging so that you can manufacture your packaging (or have it manufactured) again and again using fewer virgin raw materials.

Find out more about circular contracting

EASY-LIZE - Verpackungslizenzierung von EKO-PUNKT - Grafik Verpackung Rezyklat Circular Contracting Brottüte

Supplying recyclate

We supply firms producing or placing packaging onto the market with all kinds of recycled raw materials even if they don’t have a circular contracting agreement with us. Sustainably and reliably.

Find out more about our supplies of recyclate

EASY-LIZE - Verpackungslizenz von EKO-PUNKT - Prüfung Recyclingfähigkeit Beispiel Banane in Verpackung

Checking recyclability

We take a detailed look to see how your packaging meets current and future (minimum) environmental standards and point out where there’s room for improvement.

Find out more about our recyclability checks

EASY-LIZE - Verpackungslizenz von EKO-PUNKT - Grafik Verpackung Öko-Design Recycling Eierschale


We develop sustainable packaging solutions for you in line with ‘design for recycling’ principles – while always taking your exact requirements into account and putting forward alternative suggestions.

Find out more about Ecodesign

EASY-LIZE - das Portal für Verpackungslizenzierung von EKO-PUNKT - Umwelt schützen Compliance Service Internationale Entpflichtung Drohne mit Tüte

Compliance services

Our country experts are there to offer you advice and provide you with support in all matters regarding extended producer responsibility (EPR) and packaging obligations in other countries.

Find out more about licensing packaginag broad

EASY-LIZE - das Portal für Verpackungslizenzierung von EKO-PUNKT - Grafik Akademie Nachhaltigkeit Verpackungen


We keep a close eye on the latest developments involving sustainability, packaging and statutory amendments on your behalf and keep you up to date with these by offering a range of in-person and e-learning courses.

Find out more about our Academy

Protecting the environment – by participating in the Dual System

Many companies find it particularly challenging to manage their packaging and waste packaging. They are obliged by law to ensure that their packaging is collected and recycled in an environmentally compatible way. One way of meeting this challenge is to take part in the Dual System. But what exactly is this scheme and how do companies benefit?

What is the Dual System?

The Dual System is a scheme for collecting and recycling packaging and waste packaging.

This scheme stipulates that manufacturers of packaging and packed products are responsible for making sure that their packaging is collected and recycled properly. You do this by concluding a contract with a Dual System – such as EKO-PUNKT.

You register your packaging with the Dual System and receive a licence. The Dual System then handles the collection and processing of your packaging and waste packaging. As part of this process, they sort the packaging according to type of material and send it on for recycling.

What are the advantages of taking part in the Dual System?

Firms benefit in many ways from participating in the Dual System. For example:

  • Their packaging and waste packaging is collected and processed in line with all rules and regulations
  • They protect the environment by having their packaging recycled
  • Their commitment to the environment helps further improve their company’s image
  • They optimise their waste management system and reduce their waste management costs


What happens if firms don’t participate in the Dual System?

As a basic rule, companies that wish to have their packaging licensed must take part in the Dual System. When firms participate in the Dual System, they pay a fee to have their waste packaging collected and processed. This fee depends on the type and volume of packaging that is placed onto the market. By taking part in the Dual System, companies ensure that they fulfil their statutory obligations regarding the collection and recycling of their waste packaging.

There are, though, alternative ways for companies to meet their obligations. They can, for example, collect and process their waste packaging themselves. They are then themselves responsible for ensuring this is done correctly and are no longer obliged to participate in the Dual System. This, however, not only means more work for the company. It must also have the necessary specialist waste management know-how.

One thing is clear: it is certainly to be recommended that you take part in the Dual System as this is a
cost-efficient and uncomplicated solution. What’s more, participating in the Dual System helps to promote an environmentally aware company philosophy and, as a result, has a positive impact on a company’s image.

EKO-PUNKT: the Dual System for more sustainability & environmental protection

EKO-PUNKT is REMONDIS’ Dual System. It specialises in collecting and recycling packaging using environmentally friendly processes. EKO-PUNKT offers a comprehensive range of services covering your licensing obligations that guarantees the highest levels of quality and sustainability.

  • Analysis and advice: We analyse your packaging and advise you individually on optimal disposal and recycling.
  • Licensing: We take care of the licensing of your packaging in accordance with the legal requirements.
  • Collection and transport: We organise the collection and transport of your packaging to the recycling facilities.
  • Recycling and recovery: We ensure that your packaging is recycled in an environmentally sound manner and that valuable raw materials are recovered.
  • Documentation and verification: We prepare the necessary documentation and verification for packaging licensing and disposal.

Find out more about the EKO-PUNKT Dual System

Why we can do what we do?
Because we’re not alone

REMONDIS, a leading international circular economy company, is behind the comprehensive range of services offered by EKO-PUNKT. The REMONDIS Group collects, processes and recycles around 30 million tonnes of recyclables every year. Including hundreds of thousands of tonnes of packaging materials that are transformed into recycled raw materials – helping to conserve our planet’s valuable natural resources and enabling businesses to make sustainable new products. The group regularly adds new processes and facilities to its network to ensure that even more materials can be recovered and that they are separated from each other even more effectively.

EKO-PUNKT, the centre of excellence for packaging, is where all the packaging know-how within the REMONDIS Group has been pooled together. As a result, it’s able to offer a holistic range and combination of services that no other is able to deliver. Starting with its collection and sorting infrastructure, to its ability to recover extremely pure materials using state-of-the-art technology, all the way through to its development of sustainable ecodesign packaging.

Find out more about the REMONDIS-Gruppe

The REMONDIS Group’s values. Lived by EKO-PUNKT

Our being part of the REMONDIS Group is much more than simply a question of organigrams and structures. As with every other company in the group, we embody lasting values in every way possible. This begins with the responsible way we operate to keep people and the environment safe and continues all the way through to our philosophy of treating our customers and suppliers fairly. And right at the top of the list are the two aspects that have helped REMONDIS stand apart from others for over 80 years: its reliability and its integrity. EKO-PUNKT customers can rest assured that they’ll be able to work with EKO-PUNKT long into the future. No matter whether it’s delivering an individual Dual System service or a complete range of packaging services: EKO-PUNKT is here to stay.

EASY-LIZE // An offer of the REMONDIS group