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Licensing packaging with EASY-LIZE

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Completed online in just a few minutes

EASY-LIZE // Haken Checkliste Grafik

Affordable & transparent prices

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Volumes are easy to enter thanks to the examples given

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100% secure thanks to the REMONDIS quality

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No previous knowledge of packaging licensing needed

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Always on the right side of the German Packaging Act


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Affected by the law? Find out here

Do you have to license your packaging or not? Use our online check tool and get the answer in just a few seconds.

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How the licensing process works

Licensing your packaging in three steps – including signing up to the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR).

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Quotes for wholesalers & brands

Do you handle large volumes of packaging? We’re happy to draw up a bespoke offer to meet your precise licensing needs.

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Expert on the big picture

Are you looking for ecological packaging solutions that go beyond licensing? We have them.

More on environmental and climate protection

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Do we already know each other?

As an EASY-LIZE customer, you can simply log in and manage and update your licensing details whenever you want.

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EASY-LIZE System Participation Duales System

Back to basics

A bit more information about system participation, the German Packaging Act and the Dual System – explained simply and clearly.

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Simply get in touch with us if you’ve got a question. We’re here to help! Our hotline +49 221 964897-0

The easy way to license your packaging – online, right here & right now

Companies that place packaging onto the German market are obliged to license these materials in accordance with the German Packaging Act [VerpackG]. Getting businesses to license their packaging is an important tool for ensuring that these materials are collected and recycled properly after they’ve been used.

The EASY-LIZE packaging licensing scheme is a quick and easy way for companies to license the packaging they place onto the market. Simply use our innovative packaging licence fee calculator. This online licensing tool uses the information entered about the different volumes of packaging materials (e.g. paper/cardboard, plastics, aluminium, glass) to calculate the licence costs.

License your packaging in a few simple steps

  • Select the types of packaging material
  • Select the materials that can be found in your packaging (packaging which has to be licensed). You can choose between the following categories of material here: glass, paper/card/cardboard, ferrous metals, aluminium, plastics, composite drinks cartons, other types of composite packaging, and other materials (e.g. cork)
  • Enter the volumes of packaging material
    Enter the volumes of the different types of packaging materials being placed onto the market into our licence fee calculator.
    Tip: information about the volumes of packaging materials you handle can be found on your suppliers’ invoices.
  • Calculate your licence costs
    The calculator automatically works out your licence costs based on the volumes of packaging materials you entered.
  • Enter your customer details
    Enter your contact and invoicing details. Tip: have your LUCID number, VAT ID and/or Tax ID numbers ready to use before you start. 
  • License your packaging
    You can now license your packaging online with just a single click. Once this step has been completed, you’ll be sent confirmation that your packaging (which must be licensed with a system) is now part of a licensing system in accordance with the German Packaging Act. What’s more, you’ll also receive a personalised carbon certificate that shows your individual contribution towards curbing climate change (as COequivalents).

Why it’s so important to license packaging

Packaging is a key part of any business, whether it be needed for transporting or storing products. But with it comes a responsibility for the environment. Packaging must be recycled or disposed of properly to prevent it having a negative impact on the environment. To make sure this happens, companies must meet a number of specific obligations that have been set out in the German Packaging Act [VerpackG].

All packaging that ends up at private end consumers must be licensed. Companies that place packaging onto the market are required by law to license this packaging. The German Packaging Act stipulates that these companies must participate in a Dual System and license their packaging. This step ensures that this packaging is collected and recycled properly. By taking part in this licensing scheme, you – as a company – are financing the collection and recycling of your packaging.

Besides being a legal obligation, licensing packaging materials is also important for the environment. Recycling the packaging helps to conserve huge volumes of natural resources. This licensing scheme can also have a financial impact on businesses. Companies that fail to license their packaging may be issued heavy fines and penalties.

Licensing packaging materials certainly has its benefits as well. Companies that license their packaging can present themselves as a green and responsible business. You can, for example, add your certificate of participation and/or your carbon certificate to your company documents and website. This not only helps further improve your company’s image but also helps to bolster your reputation with your customers and business partners.

So who is actually responsible for making sure that packaging is licensed in accordance with the rules and regulations? First and foremost, it is the manufacturers of this packaging. They must ensure that their packaging is licensed in accordance with the German Packaging Act and with a Dual System. However, it’s not just manufacturers that have obligations. Importers and retailers handling packed goods also have a responsibility to make sure that the packaging of their products is licensed and registered with a Dual System.

License your packaging & calculate your costs – for first-time licensees and professionals

Our platform is a fast, easy and cost-effective way for companies of all sizes and experience levels to license their packaging – it makes no difference whether they’re a first-time licensee or an experienced professional.

Companies that have to license their packaging for the very first time can find the packaging licensing process overwhelming. Here at EASY-LIZE, we make sure that this process is as simple and uncomplicated as possible so that you can license your packaging quickly and efficiently. Our licensing calculator offers a number of functions to provide you with the help you need. Volumes of materials are entered as a weight (in kilos). The option to preselect materials according to type of packaging makes the system even easier and more intuitive for you to enter your details. Experienced licensees and true licensing professionals can simply enter the relevant volumes according to weight and complete the licensing process within just a few clicks.

  • A simple and convenient way to license your packaging online
  • Your licence details and your licensed packaging are clearly displayed
  • An extremely safe and reliable way to comply with statutory requirements
  • Professional advice and support given for all packaging licensing questions
  • Attractive prices and transparent billing with no hidden costs


If you have a question, simply call us on +49 221 964897-0 or send us an email

Licensing your packaging with EASY-LIZE

Licensing your packaging with EASY-LIZE means that you’re ensuring your company is meeting all of its statutory obligations. Our licensing services are not only quick and easy but cost effective as well. When businesses use EASY-LIZE, they only pay for the packaging materials they wish to license – there are no hidden fees or costs.

License your packaging online now

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to license your packaging online? Then EASY-LIZE is the right system for you. Thanks to our innovative licence fee calculator and our quick and easy licensing service, you have a simple and convenient tool at your fingertips to license your packaging online.

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